ARKIV: ÖresundsLimmud 2016 – 2023

Tillbakablick: ÖresundsLimmud 2016-2022

Vill du veta vem som pratade om vad de gångna åren? Klicka och se vad du har missat …
ÖresundsLimmud 2023 i Köpenhamnklicka här.
Taste of ØresundsLimmud 2022 – SJUF Edition (Köpenhamn)Klicka här.
Taste of ØresundsLimmud Shavuot 2022 i KöpenhamnKlicka här.
ÖresundsLimmud 2022 Onlineklicka här.
ÖresundsLimmud Online 2021klicka här.
Taste of ÖresundsLimmud Online 2021klicka här.
Taste of ÖresundsLimmud Online 2020klicka här.
ÖresundsLimmud 2020 i Malmöklicka här.
ÖresundsLimmud 2019 i Köpenhamnklicka här.
ÖresundsLimmud 2018 i Malmöklicka här.
ÖresundsLimmud 2017 i Köpenhamnklicka här.
ÖresundsLimmud 2016 i Malmöklicka här.

When in Europe don’t miss …
Limmud Europe!

Dear Limmudnik!

This is the Limmud Europe logotype!

The world changes and so does the Limmud organization.
For some years now, several national Limmud groups have been working to form an overall organization for the teams within the European Union. The goal is to develop cooperation between the teams and enrich the national activities.

Limmud Europe was formally established at the beginning of June. The organization’s official seat is in Amsterdam. Limmud Europe officila website is

In the menu bar at the top of the page, you can now click on the heading Limmud Europe, which will lead you to a page with links to current Limmud events around Europe. It will also mean a few more information messages from us to you, but of course we will avoid filling your mailbox to the brim. Participate & enjoy!

Warm welcome to our Limmud Europe World!