A tale of love and light. The unique correspondence and friendship that crossed borders and ideologies between Amos Oz and some of the leaders of the religious zionist settler movement.
Language: English

Session: Through the media portray of Israel, one many times gets a picture of a divided society, religious and secular; left wing and right wing who stand opposed to one another, which climaxed with the Oslo accords and murder of Yitzchak Rabin. Despite the strong and verbal disagreements between Amos Oz and the settler movement, we find that he formed a unique friendship through correspondence with some of the leaders of this movement – showing that despite their differences, they shared a deep concern and love for the people of Israel.

Bio: Moshe David HaCohen serves as the rabbi of the Judiska Församlingen in Malmö as well as co-directs Amanah: The Muslim and Jewish Trust and Faith Project with Imam Salahuddin Barakat – which fosters bonding between the Jewish and Muslim communities in Malmö.