Global Day of Jewish Learning: 7 november 2021

Welcome to
Global Day of Jewish Learning Online, 7 november 2021

On the Global Day of Jewish Learning, hundreds of communities, large and small, join together for one day of intercontinental Jewish learning, powered by Limmud. Launched in 2010 as an effort to connect Jews around the world in appreciation of Jewish wisdom, the Global Day is inspired by the vision+ leadership of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz z”l.
This year, after the pandemic has kept us physically apart, yet more connected than ever through virtual means, the Global Day study theme is:


The Bonds Between Us

Sunday, 7 November 2021
10.00-12.00 CET
Who will chair the session:
Rebecca Lillian, Paulina Sundén, and guest teachers from the Limmud-verse
ONLINE on your own computer or LIVE in-person in Copenhagen! (spaces very limited, see information below)
Exploring texts as diverse as traditional Jewish sources, poetry and song lyrics, and even photography, we will learn about diverse ways to strengthen the bonds between us and learn from one another.
Most texts are in English (plus Hebrew and Aramaic), but conversations and guidance are available in Danish and Swedish.
Registration is mandatory. While registering please do not forget to check for LIVE session if you prefere it over ONLINE session.
Live session will be held in Copenhagen (Valby location).
Registrations deadline:
Please register not later than on November 4  (Thursday) at 23:59 CET.
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Welcome to Global Day of Jewish Learning!

eLimmud Stockholm: 16 – 21 november

Varmt välkommen till eLimmud Stockholm: 16-21 november 2021

I år sker hela Limmud Stockholm digitalt via Limmud Stockholms hemsida ( Du som deltagare kommer kunna logga in på Limmuds webbportal för att se överblick av programmet och klicka dig vidare till varje session när det är dags. Arrangemanget kommer fungera som olika digitala ”rum” du kan växla mellan – allt via din egen dator!

Ett preliminärt program kommer att finnas på hemsidan från mitten av oktober, och fram tills dess släpper vi namn på några sessionshållare i taget.
Håll utkik på vår hemsida och sociala medier för att hålla dig uppdaterad!

Vi ses på eLimmud 16-21 november 2021!

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